Social Director

Starting as a leasing consultant, Joe's passion for bringing people together has led him to his role as Social Director. Always in search of the next chance to spread happiness, Joe is always available to discuss event opportunities. He can be reached at Events@weidner.com

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Artist/Professional Chef

As a professional chef, artist, mother, and wife there isn't much Sara can't do.  With over 15 years as a professional artist and chef, Sara hails from the great state of Alaska.  Providing personalized tutorials and classes has allowed her to continue sharing her skills with others. Sara is a regular contributor to our Virtual events programs



Fitness instructor

After practicing yoga for three (3) years, my favorite yoga instructor advised me to get into yoga teaching. That was all the encouragement I needed as I quickly earned my 200hr, certification in February 2017.

For the past four (4) years, I’ve been teaching students from yoga studios, community centers, apartment complexes, and retirement communities.  In 2019, I earned my 500hr yoga teaching certification, and during the pandemic, I earned my “Gravity Yoga” certification in deep stretching and finishing up my NASM, Personal Trainer Certification. Along with my college degree from the University of California - San Diego,  in Cognitive Science, I incorporate a yoga practice that develops both mental, and physical health

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Director of Culinary Experiences

“I am excited to have the opportunity to work with the dynamic team at Rocky Pond Vineyards. My journey to this point has provided me many great culinary and life lessons. From a culinary school in New York to hotel foodservice and corporate dining, from events serving thousands to private dinners for a few, I have put passion and experience into every dish I serve. The most important people I have ever served are. . . you and the next guests whom I have the honor of preparing a memorable experience for. I see this as a culmination of a great collection of experiences in my life that help me to prepare and share exceptional experiences at Rocky Pond Vineyards.”



Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant

Ayra Modalo is a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant for over 5 years and is a proud resident of Broadmoor Apartment in Edmonton, Canada. Honest, personable, and empathetic are often described by her friends, colleagues, and clients. She always makes a mark whenever you get the chance to talk to her as her values and integrity always resonate with her.

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